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Modern Day Pyramids

phonotrope rendered w graphic.png

Project title: Modern Day Pyramids

This brief was to devise a warning system for a nuclear waste site in Finland, that would be able to survive chasms of time structurally, as well as communicate with future beings-to-be. The final mechanical phonotrope design uses simplistic representations of a ‘being’ reacting to nuclear waste containers as an effective way of communicating the concept to future humans, cutting out any language barriers. Using a quote that describes the effects of radiation on humans as the main influence, a structure containing pictorial warnings of such occurrences was produced. In addition to this, the physical structure and size of the phonotrope means that any intruders must first engage with it before attempting to enter the tombs.

Phonotrope LAYED OUT WHITE BG-01.png

Skills Used:

phonotrope in scene.png





Social Awareness

Visual Communication

diagram to show scale.png
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